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Asset Management Facility (€1)

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Asset Management Facility

  1. Safeguard your valuables before the thieves get it with our asset management facility.
  2. How many of us know the serial number on your tools, trailers, bikes, iPads or even the identification marks on our jewellery? I’m guessing not many! This is why we created our asset management facility. It’s like a safety deposit box. This is the place where you can store pictures and details of all your valuable items. The only person who knows what you put into the asset management facility is you and only you, we don’t even know at Theftfinders. The facility is safe and secure. So if sometime in the future an item you put in our asset management facility becomes stolen or lost, we will have all the relative information and images for that item that you can give to the Garda Siochana. We will also let you transfer that item from the Asset Management Facility to our Stolen or lost section for the public to see, and this will be FREE.